DTU Start-up Training Programme

Courses targeted start-ups at DTU

In cooperation with Accelerace, DTU offers 10 new training camps for employees who are starting or have recently started a business.

The camps are structured as full day classes/workshops where you, along side other participants, will analyse and discuss your business idea based on a number of business aspects. It is a prerequisite that you have a case with a business potential that has been matured to a level where you can get sparring and feedback from the teachers and other participants in the camp.

Training Camps 2018-19

  • Capital Strategy (4. Sep. 2018)
  • Protection & IP Strategy (26. Sep 2018)
  • Pricing (8. Oct. 2018)
  • Mastering team (9. Oct. 2018)
  • QMed Consulting Regulatory (30. Oct. 2018)
  • Value Proposition & Beach Head (6. Nov. 2018)
  • Getting Investments (4. Dec. 2018)
  • Learn to Pitch (8. Jan. 2019)
  • Pitch Training (15. Jan. 2019)
  • KLIFO Regulatory (5. Feb. 2019)


"Since I started at the DTU-Accelerace Start-up Training, I have learned so much"

Natalie Kostesha, Senior Researcher, DTU Nanotech