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AquaGreen – turning sludge into a sustainable resource

DTU spinout AquaGreen has found a way to turn sludge into marketable biochar – a sustainable coal that functions as fertilizer, improves the quality of soil and binds CO2 to the earth for more than 2.700 years. And the customers are lining up.

Danish IP Fair 2020

The 4th annual Danish IP Fair will be held in Copenhagen at Confederation of Danish Industry on the 6th of May 2020. Join us at the 2020 edition where we'll once again bring investors and early science together to get the next big thing on the market.

DTU Startup Training Programme

DTU offers a series if start-up training camps for employees who are starting or have recently started a business. The current courses run throughout October 2019-January 2020.

OptoCeutics - A spinout from DTU and UC Berkeley

Pre-startup Mentoring

Our mentor programme matchmakes pre-start-ups with experienced industry professionals in order to give valuable insights into running a business and prepare them for their start-up journey.

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